Scan & Charge

Direct Payment via QR Code

With PlugSurfing's user friendly Scan & Charge solution electric car drivers can charge at your station without a contract. Pay directly via a QR code on a mobile website.

Without incurring extra costs, Scan & Charge can be used on all remote start capable charging stations which are connected to our network. You'll receive your revenue from PlugSurfing directly into your bank account at the end of each month.

Become a Partner

Supported payment services PayPal, Master Card, VISA, American Express

Features for Charging Point Operators

Billing and Pay-Out

PlugSurfing takes care of billing the driver. At the end of the month, you receive your revenue from PlugSurfing.

Access via QR Code

Secure payments. All your customer needs is a smart phone and QR code.

No Monthly Fees

Use without additional fees. Your charging point just needs to be connected to the PlugSurfing network.

Charging Point Regulation

We've got it covered: Direct pay is without a contract and is in accordance with the German charging regulation (Ladesauleverordnung II)

For the Electric Car Driver

No contract duration

Spontaneous charging without a contract. Start a charghing session from whenever you are.

Cross-platform and customer friendly
Charge from your mobile browser. No need to install an app to charge your car.

Tranparent bills

Automatic sending of invoices to your inbox when a session is stopped

No minute packages

Take a coffee-break and charge your car. You can stop your charging session whenever you want.

Our Offer

  • 0€
    per charging point/month
  • Direct pay at the charging point
  • Pay at the charging point via Paypal or credit card
  • QR code sticker
  • Monthly payments of your revenue
  • No transaction fees
  • Become a Partner