No subscription or subscription fees are necessary to conveniently use PlugSurfing. Charging is based on a pay-as-you-go-model. You only pay when using the charging stations.


Our aim is to make all public charging infrastructure accessible for you and all other EV drivers. You can get rid of your multiple charging passes and replace them with our app and Charging Key. These can be used to charge at many major charging point operators throughout Europe, meaning that you'll just have one bill to pay each month. To do this, we agree contracts with each individual charging point operator and base our own prices on these contracts.

Depending on the owner of the charging station, the prices can be based upon:

  • Start fee
    The operator charges an amount for starting a charging session
  • Charging per kWh
    The operator bases pricing upon the kWh consumption
  • Charging/Parking based on time
    This operator bills usage based on parking time (for example per minute or hour). This includes parking after charging has finished

The prices are different for each operator. PlugSurfing shows the prices for charging on the map and in the app for every charging station.

Better coverage, longer range, more flexibility

The Charging Key is the perfect complement to the PlugSurfing App.

Charging Key

Simply find a free charging point with the App and start the charging process with your Charging Key. In combination you get the maximum flexibility for charging - even on charging stations without app payment support.

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