Contact Telephone Numbers

Our service team are here to help you 24 hours a day, every day.

Calls are free from most landlines within the country of origin, but for mobiles and some landlines charges may vary depending on your operator. The International number will be charged at your operator's rate for calls to the Netherlands.

Phone numbers are:

Germany:0800 627 9976

Austria: 0800 400 245

Switzerland: 0800 665 591

Belgium: 0800 61113

Netherlands: 0800 225 5400

Luxembourg: 0800 40509

France: 08 05 98 11 59

Spain: 0800 000 847

Sweden: 0201 203 109

Norway: 0800 62379

Finland: 0800 102 146

United Kingdom: 0800 026 5552

International: +31 888 642311

Transparent pricing

Prices for charging are set by the charge point owner. The prices can differ per charging location and therefore its best to check our app or map on the website to inform you on the charging costs per charging station.

All prices include VAT.

One monthly Bill

Plugsurfing bills all your charging sessions monthly. The billing data is sent automatically to us from the charging point operator.

Not all operators transmit billing data in real-time. Any charging sessions missing from your invoice will appear next month.

Payment Methods

In order to make your life easier, Plugsurfing works with all the major payment solutions.

Pay for your sessions with:

PayPal VISA Mastercard American Express