PlugSurfing App and Charging Key

The Easiest Way to Charge your Electric Car

Whether you drive a BMW, Renault, Tesla or another EV: Charge your Electric Vehicle on thousands of charging stations from all major operators in Europe. Simply pay with our App or our Charging Key.

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You can use PlugSurfing in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium.

  • search
    Find Charging Stations
    See in real-time if a charging point is available or occupied, wherever you go.

  • payment
    Easy Payment
    Regardless of how many operators you use to charge, simply pay one bill to PlugSurfing.

  • app and charging key
    Pay via App or RFID
    To get the best coverage, we recommend combining the app with the Charging Key.


  • How much does it cost to charge with PlugSurfing?

    The price varies between charging point operators. In our price list you can find the current prices ordered by operator. Prices are also displayed if you click on a charging point on the map.

  • What do I need to do to charge with PlugSurfing?

    Download our app, register and add a payment method. That's it! From then on you'll be able to start and pay for a charging session directly from the PlugSurfing app. For the best possible network coverage we also recommend combining the app with our Charging Key. This can be used to access charging stations which do not support app charging.

  • How does PlugSurfing work?

    PlugSurfing is a so-called 'Emobility Provider'. Our aim is to make all public charging infrastructure accessible for you and all other EV drivers. You can get rid of your multiple charging passes and replace them with our app and Charging Key. These can be used to charge at many major charging point operators throughout Europe, meaning that you'll just have one bill to pay each month.

  • How do I pay for charging with PlugSurfing?

    You can pay for charging with Visa, Mastercard, Sofortüberweisung (in Germany), Paypal or iDeal. Add these to your account and simply take your pick when you start charging. We'll send you one monthly invoice by email and debit the total amount from your chosen payment method.

Some of our Partners

Vattenfall, EON, ENBW, RWE, Belectric, The New Motion, Last Mile, Solutions, Ecotap, Essent, Intercharge, Nuon, anwb

Better coverage, longer range, more flexibility

The Charging Key is the perfect complement to the PlugSurfing App.

Charging Key

Simply find a free charging point with the App and start the charging process with your Charging Key. In combination you get the maximum flexibility for charging - even on charging stations without app payment support.

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